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​Become a posture beauty! ​

Beauty WALK

​Walking beautifully will rejuvenate your mind and body!

Burning fat in an instant​! ultimate walk

​ Your metabolism will rise and you will be in shape! ​This is a lesson to improve your posture.

Enjoy and be beautiful! Have fun training!
A walking lesson that realizes “beautiful and attractive” with the way you walk

​ ◎ I want to have a constitution that is difficult to gain weight

​◎I want to increase my metabolism

​ ◎ I want to have an ideal body line

​ ◎ I want to enjoy and maintain my beauty and health!

​ ◎ I want to walk beautifully

​Just walk! !


The BeautyWALK lesson is a walking course where you can learn the basics of posture and how to walk that make women most beautiful.

The lessons are aimed at stretching and walking beautifully so that you can have fun while working on your fitness.

​ Training content. Please experience the beauty walk method that creates a beautiful posture.


​Basic course

​ You can lose weight just by walking!! This is the basic course of Beautywalk to help you walk beautifully.

​・Posture check

​・Basic posture

​・Basics of walking

​・Training to walk beautifully

​・Fitness walking (60 minutes once)


​Stepup Course 

​・Posture check

​・How to walk in heels

​・How to stand to look beautiful

​・How to walk beautifully (60 minutes once)


​ This is a course to learn basic walking and training, and to be able to walk beautifully in heels.

​Online Course 

​ You can take online training for beautiful legs and beautiful posture to create the basics of walking beautifully.

​・Training to make walking beautiful, specializing in legs and back

​・One-on-one lesson

​・Small group lesson 1 month unlimited lesson (1 time 30 minutes)



​date and time

​Basic course

​・ Every Wednesday from 18:30

​・Every Saturday from 11:00

​Stepup Course 

​Online course

​・ Every Monday from 18:30

​・Every Thursday from 18:30


​1 lesson 6,500 yen (tax included)

​5 times set 31,000 yen (tax included)

​ *Expires 3 months,


​ and stepup

​Free combination.

​ Online lesson 1 month 3,980 yen (tax included)

​ Online lesson Individual lesson 1,500 yen (tax included)


​Chika Takeda

​Tomoka Takeda

2015 MissUniverse JAPAN finalist

​Walking advisor

Born in Hiroshima prefecture. Parades abroad with baton twirling
After experiencing the performance show, due to cultural differences and differences in expression
Considering the expression of beauty from the perspective of the world.
In addition, after being a finalist for Miss Universe Japan in 2015, the theme of "all women are the leading role"
I want to send out about "beauty" and "health" myself
Thoughts, walking instructors and judges all over the country,
​ Active as a lecturer at events and corporate seminars.
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It was published on the Kansai information site "EeNa" ! ! Testimonials about Miss Universe,

In Episode 2, about walking lessons

​ I'll tell you!



​ [Umeda Studio, Kita-ku, Osaka]

​Details will be sent at the time of booking.

​ [Note] ​

As a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, in the classroom,

​Please wear a mask. ​

​In addition, alcohol disinfection is installed in the classroom ​

​Please cooperate with frequent disinfection. ​


​Please use this form for inquiries, opinions and impressions.


​YouTube distribution! ​

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​Email magazine registration! !

​ Easy delivery and booking for stretching and beauty.

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