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​ Become a constitution that does not rebound with beautiful legs and beautiful posture

Online, you can work on your free time in just 30 minutes,

It's a training that makes your legs and posture beautiful. You can work with your friends during lessons

​ You can feel free to participate even if you are not confident in training for the first time!

​ After the lesson, your leg swelling will be refreshed and your metabolism will increase, making it easier to burn fat !

​ Training specializing in beautiful legs and posture !

​ Thank you for visiting .

​Let me tell you more about the lessons!

In order to have smooth and beautiful legs, it is important to loosen tight muscles.

Even online, I look at each person and give advice.

Depending on how you like the meat, the part that you will unravel will change.

​1, we will mainly stretch the hip joint, quadriceps, rectus femoris, back of the knee, and ankle.

​2, I will train the muscles necessary to maintain a good posture.

​3, I will train the muscles necessary to walk beautifully.

​4, cooldowns and questions, etc.

​ [Lesson method]

​After you register for the online course, we will contact you by email with the schedule and payment details.

​ * After registering as a member, payment is requested before the first lesson .

Please check the schedule and reserve your desired date and time.

​ * Please make a reservation from the reservation form on the site.

After booking, we will send you the ZOOM ID from here.

You can enter the room from 5 minutes before the lesson time.

You can receive beauty leg beauty posture training for walking beautifully in the space of your home.

​ [Terms of Use]

​・Lessons are fixed monthly fees. There is no upper limit on the number of times you can use it, but even if you take the course at least once,

​A flat rate will apply. note that.

​・Lesson reservations must be made 1 day before the lesson date. Cancellation up to 1 day before

​ please.

​・If you need to cancel on the day of the lesson due to poor physical condition or other unavoidable circumstances, please contact us directly by email

​ message us.

​ ・Please contact us by the 15th, one month in advance, to cancel your subscription.

​・ Depending on the reservation status, the lesson may be attended by multiple people or may be personal.

​I can't tell until the day.


Member registration

​LINE Apply for a friend to discuss and contact us smoothly!

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​ * The above personal information will only be used for membership registration for this online lesson.

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