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The BeautyWALK lesson is a walking course where you can learn the basics of posture and how to walk that make women most beautiful.

The lessons are aimed at stretching and walking beautifully so that you can have fun while working on your fitness.

​ Training content. Please experience the beauty walk method that creates a beautiful posture.

Enjoy and be beautiful! Have fun training!

A walking lesson that realizes “beautiful and attractive” with the way you walk



​Basic course

​ You can lose weight just by walking!! This is the basic course of Beautywalk to help you walk beautifully.

​・Posture check

​・Basic posture

​・Basics of walking

​・Training to walk beautifully

​・Fitness walking (60 minutes once)

​Stepup Course 

​ This course teaches basic walking techniques and training, allowing you to walk beautifully in heels.

​・Posture check

​・How to walk in heels

​・How to stand to look beautiful

​・How to walk beautifully (60 minutes once)

​Online Course 

​ You can take online training for beautiful legs and beautiful posture to create the basics of walking beautifully.

​・Training to make walking beautiful, specializing in legs and back

​・One-on-one lesson

​・Small group lesson 1 month unlimited lesson (1 time 30 minutes)

​Please send your application using this form.

​ *For trial lessons, please select trial.



​date and time

​Basic course

​・ Every Wednesday from 18:30

​・Every Saturday from 11:00

​Stepup Course 

​・ Every Monday from 18:30

​・Every Thursday from 18:30

​Online course


​1 lesson 6,500 yen (tax included)

​5 times set 31,000 yen (tax included)

​ *Expires 3 months,

​ Online lesson 1 month 3,980 yen (tax included)

​ Online lesson 1,500 yen (tax included)


​Chika Takeda

2015 MissUniverse JAPAN finalist

​Walking advisor



​ [Umeda Studio, Kita-ku, Osaka]

​Address details will be sent after booking.

​ [Note] ​

As a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, in the classroom,

​Please wear a mask. ​

​In addition, alcohol disinfection is installed in the classroom ​

​Please cooperate with frequent disinfection. ​

​♡ Nice change when walking ♡

Fat burning constitution  

If you walk with the correct posture, the distortion of your body will be adjusted and your inner muscles will be strengthened​, improving your metabolism and making it easier to burn fat just by walking.


  Better blood circulation will improve the complexion of your face and make your face look brighter . Improves blood circulation and has a beautiful skin effect ◎!

Not only the lower body, but also the body is tightened by moderately training the muscles of the whole body.  


change in appearance   

Relax & Refresh

If you walk with correct posture and breathing method, the circulation of blood in the body will improve,

You can refresh yourself with a little walking. Moderate exercise balances the autonomic nervous system.     

Enjoy and be beautiful! Have fun training!

A walking lesson that realizes “beautiful and attractive” with the way you walk

During the trial lesson accepting!

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