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​ Girls want to be beautiful! Participating in the contest ☆ The experience will be an asset for life!

​ As a Miss Universe Japan finalist,

I tried for three years before I got a ticket to participate in the Japan tournament.

​If you set high goals, there are more.

​ However, only those who have tried will understand that there is meaning in participating.

​There is absolutely no such thing as "I..."!

​ Those who are even slightly interested in the contest, and those who want to become a little prettier than they are now!

​ Support from preparation! ! Let's aim for a higher-grade girl together.

​ Application deadline: End of November 2021 (Those who are aiming to participate in Miscon next year)

​ Those who do not have a specific target competition​ Accepting at any time


​ Lesson date: Start from the end of November

​Only participants will be notified of the schedule once to three times a month.

​Lesson content: Miss page with world competition, basic information about Miss Japan

Entry consultation and support​

​ Document review photo lesson

​For the first screening/Walking lesson/Self PR lesson

​Speech lesson/Action lesson

​ Participation fee: ​1 Lesson 5000 yen Briefing session is free

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