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at home time
​ Become beautiful legs and posture!

​ Those who want to create beautiful legs and beautiful posture! for

30 minutes training. without going to class

You can join the training online !


training for beautiful legs and posture

​ Take a look at the trial course! !

​ Become a constitution that does not rebound with beautiful legs and beautiful posture

Online, you can work on your free time in just 30 minutes,

It's a training that makes your legs and posture beautiful. You can work with your friends during lessons

​ You can feel free to participate even if you are not confident in training for the first time!

​ After the lesson, your leg swelling will be refreshed and your metabolism will increase, making it easier to burn fat !

​ Training specializing in beautiful legs and posture

​Be able to walk beautifully with heels

​You can take lessons in 30 minutes of free time​

​ Online advice one by one ​

​Can be done at home​

​cheaper than going to a one hour lesson​

​ 3,980 yen per month! !

​ When you have beautiful legs and posture, your standing posture and walking will be beautiful .

​ A beautiful gait is not only good for your appearance, but it is also directly linked to your inner health and diet .

​ In my course,

​Eating restrictions and hard training will no longer give up before you see results

​We are telling you how to walk to keep your beauty and health in your daily walk .

​In order to adjust the way you walk, we will train you, so you can focus on beautiful legs and posture

​ We are confident in our content!

​ *Lecturer Introduction*

After being a Miss Universe Japan finalist in 2015, I would like to disseminate about "beauty" and "health" under the theme of "all women should be the leading role".
Active as a walking instructor, judge, ​ event and corporate seminar lecturer.
Starting online lessons, people from all over the country will be able to take courses.
I enjoy myself, and I take lessons for 30 minutes.
​ Let's be beautiful together! !

​ What does the lesson look like?

​This voice has arrived

​I've been feeling the effects of this training, which works in unusual areas! (32 years old, foreign company)

​ (36 years old, housewife)

​ You taught me in an easy-to-understand manner from an angle, so I want to be careful and train my core from now on!

​ You can do it at a slow pace, so even those who are not good at intense training can feel at ease.

​I was conscious of things I wasn't usually aware of, and my posture changed! (40s, freelancer)

​Thank you for your valuable comments♡♡

​ ~ Implementation flow ~

​Thank you for your valuable comments♡♡

​First, register as a member ! !

​ Only member registration is free! Feel free to register and let us know if you have any questions.

​After registering as a member, we will inform you of the monthly lesson schedule and the bank account.

​Please make a reservation for the lesson day you want to attend.

​ *Participants must complete the payment at least 3 days before the event.

Join the ​ lesson! !

After ​, you can renew every month and take lessons at any time.

​ *A recess is also possible. Please feel free to contact us!

​ Anyone who wants to be a beautiful posture! !

​Even online, we will carefully guide each student! !

​ Even beginners can participate with confidence,

Online training.

Your information will be used only for main membership registration.
​No provision to third parties.
After registering as a member , we will inform you about future schedules by e-mail. at
Please make settings so that you can receive the ​ domain.

​[Member registration]

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