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​What is breathing method?

When you notice it, it's the best if you can do abs!

However, even if you do not do sit-ups, it is effective to the same level

​ Learn "abdominal breathing" and adjust your breathing when you notice it!

​ <<Walking class to train innerwear>>

Yoga at Home

①Do not open your mouth wide, but open it thin enough to let air in .

② Put your hand on your lower abdomen and slowly inhale while pulling your stomach in.

*In abdominal breathing, you inflate your stomach and then exhale, but this is different!

(3) Once fully retracted, (check with your hands)

Put a lot of strength so that the retracted stomach will be further depressed from there

spit it out.

④ Breathe out as slowly and as long as possible so that you can continue to exhale.

When you have exhaled all your breath, your stomach will be strong .

​Repeat this 5 times or more ☆

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